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What does a PBL study look like in practice?

What does a PBL study look like in practice?

”In my eyes AAU is a good place to study, everything is geared to group projects and research” - Katja Drasdo, Leader of E-Learning Competence Center, Berlin

Lagt online: 23.05.2018

Katja Drasdo visited e-Learning Lab for a week in April to exchange experiences about e-learning. Read her report from the stay and get a glimpse of how Aalborg University and our study form is experienced from an outside point of view. E-Learning Competence Center in Berlin once a semester offers a so called onboarding course for new teachers. Perhaps it could be an example to follow in Aalborg.

Read Katja Drasdos summary in English: A week in Aalborg

or Katja Drasdos blog post in German: Problem based learning an der Universität Aalborg